Certification CTB-P+

This certification attests for more than 20 years of the efficacy of wood preservatives products when applied by a defined process proven as efficient. Consequently it makes wood material safe and reliable in respect of human health and the environment.

“Wood” concerned by the certification are logs felled specifically for trade and all subsequent uses of the log as massive wood or wood-based products.

The CTB-P+ certification also applies by extension to termite treatment products, such as barriers (to protect new buildings) and baits (to monitor constructions).

The CTB-P+ certification takes into account the requirements of 98/8/EC directive concerning the placing on the market of biocidal products. The products concerned are usually of type 8 and type 18 (termite barriers or baits) of Annex V of the 98/8/EC directive.

The products covered by the CTB-P+ certification include actives based or non actives based preparations as they are placed on the market.

CTB-P+ certified products are designed to protect the wood from destroying organisms or organisms altering its appearance (fungi, insects including termites and marine borers) or to stop an attack of these organisms. These preparations or products are applied either on the wood or wood-based products by contact or onto substrates non being wood (eg floors, walls and building foundations), this according to their claim of action.

The CTB-P+ certification defines therefore an ability to use for the products, taking into account outside regulation and the following aspects:

  • The reliability that is expressed by a sufficient durability in the function (efficacy of the treatment)
  • The security in use
  • The safety that is expressed according to experts as an opinion regarding the acceptability of the product to human health and the environment.
  • The ability to use